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Rogue Ales Beer Ingredient Kits are the perfect kits for those of us who love Rogue Ales and want to be able to say that we made them ourselves. These Rogue Ale ingredient kits were formulated and put together with the help of U.S. craft brewery Rogue Ales - a homebrewing first. If you're looking to make a Rogue Ale Clone at home, you definitely should consider these kits and be sure to go the full distance and finish your Rogue Clone with the Wyeast Rogue Pacman Yeast.

These Rogue clone recipes can also be purchased with the authentic Wyeast Rogue Pacman Yeast (1764-PC). Wyeast Rogue Pacman Yeast is a versatile yeast strain from Rogue - one of Oregon’s leading craft breweries. Pacman is alcohol tolerant, flocculent, attenuates well and will produce beers with little to no diacetyl. Very mild fruit complements a dry, mineral finish making this a fairly neutral strain. Pacman’s flavor profile and performance makes it a great choice for use in many different beer styles.