Coopers Wheat - Brewmaster’s Collection Kit

Coopers Wheat - Brewmaster’s Collection Kit
Part Number: HB1318A
Brand: Coopers
Price: $18.85

Description from the Brewery: A pale, cloudy beer, refreshingly spritzy and tart with a delicious creamy frothiness. Thomas Coopers Wheat Beer is made from premium malted wheat, pale malted barley and selected hops. Wheat beers are a great summer refresher, low in bitterness and considered by many as the “champagne” of the beer world. These coopers kits come from an actual brewery. They do not need to go through a boiling process like most home brewing kits because they are sanitized and hops are added at the brewery. This makes it one of the simplest and easiest kits to make. Because they come from the brewery the quality of the beer is also very good. Below is an article by the importer of Coopers beer kits that you may find interesting. Just click on the blue links below: Do I need to read the directions? NOTE: These Can Kits need a Fermentables Kit to properly brew. All “Can Kits" need this addition to properly brew. The “Kit” consists of one pound of dextrose (corn) sugar and one pound of light dry malt extract. We highly recommend this addition on all can kits.

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Part # Description Price
HB1318A Coopers Wheat - Brewmaster’s Collection Kit $18.85

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