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Keg Outlet's mission is to empower homebrewers by providing great customer service and quality products at low prices.

We strive to maintain accurate product data and imagery so that our customers and potential customers know exactly what they're getting. If you have a question about a product, or if there is a product that you can't find on our site, feel free to contact us - we can often-times help you find what you're looking for.

Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals

The key to making good homebrewed beer is sanitization. Cleaning equipment, cleaning & sanitizing chemicals are arguably one of the most important aspects of home brewing, because without properly sanitized beer and equipment, it is nearly impossible to make a good batch of beer. Cleaning and sanitizing is something that must be done multiple times throughout making a single batch of beer, taking shortcuts can quickly ruin a batch. The cleaning equipment and sanitizing chemicals that you'll find on our site our some of the best and are the same chemicals that we use when brewing our own beer.