Free Kit Fridays - Discontinued

We're sorry to say, but as of January 2013, we have discontinued FREE KIT FRIDAY. We may restart this giveaway again in the future, but for right now, we will no longer be giving out a free kit on the last Friday of each month.

You can still feel free to follow us on the social networks listed below as we will offer coupons and discounts when we have overstocks on items.

The last Friday of every month we are giving away a free beer recipe kit to one lucky home brewer!

There are plenty ways to enter and win, just do any (or all) of the following. We don’t limit you to one entry, so go nuts!

We select a the last Friday of every month!

Good luck to all!


December 28, 2012
Jim L. from Santa Clarita, California USA

November 30, 2012
Mike B. from Temecula, California USA

October 26, 2012
Ryan A. from Boulder, Colorado USA

September 28, 2012
William B. from Waco, Texas USA

August 31, 2012
Clark G. from Bishop, California USA

July 27, 2012
Thomas D. from San Diego, California USA

June 29, 2012
Cortney T. from Salt Lake City, Utah USA

May 25, 2012
Peter L. from Chicago, Illinois USA

April 27, 2012
Byron B. from Lompoc, California USA

March 30, 2012
Scott H. from Flagstaff, Arizona USA

February 24, 2012
Paul F. from Las Vegas, Nevada USA

January 23, 2012
Marcus D. from Littleton, Colorado USA

December 23, 2011 (in place of December 30)
Whitney A. from Atlanta, Georgia USA

November 25, 2011
Chris C. from Reno, Nevada USA

Octoberr 28, 2011
John C. from Duluth, Minnesota USA

September 30, 2011
Gabe H. from San Diego, California USA

August 26, 2011
Hamilton L. from Orange County, California USA

July 29, 2011
Sebastian P. from Pembroke Pines, Florida USA

July 1, 2011
Kyle K. from Scottsdale, Arizona USA