Deluxe Home Brew Kit For Kegging

Deluxe Home Brew Kit For Kegging
Part Number: HB110
Brand: Brew PS
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Price: $109.99


This kit includes everything you need get started brewing beer using a two stage fermentation process except the cooking vessel and keg. This is designed to be used in conjunction with any of Kegconnections many kegging kits. The kit includes: • A betterboy secondary carboy. BetterBottle® fermentation carboys are: are:

1) Designed to be strong, scuff resistant, easy to handle, and essentially unbreakable,

2) Pure – Taste- and odor-free, BPA-free, DEHP-free, and plasticizer-free,

3) Virtually impermeable to oxygen, 4) Clear and colorless,

5) Incredibly light weight, and

6) Extraordinarily easy to wash and sanitize (no brushes necessary). BetterBottle carboys are not at all like other plastic carboys. The special PET, used to make BetterBottle carboys, is non-absorbing, non-porous, and non-wetting (hydrophobic), so it will not carry over flavors from one batch of wine or beer to the next and it is easier to clean and sanitize than glass or other plastics. 6.5 gallon primary fermenting bucket with Grommet-ed lid. Airlock and better boy sized stopper to allow use with both the primary bucket fermenter and secondary carboy fermenter. Hydrometer Floating Thermometer Auto Siphon (ADD BRAND!) with 4' of siphon hose 8oz Brew Clean Handcraft Brewing Guide.

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