Customer Testimonials

"The guys at Brew PS went out of their way to make sure my order got to its recipient not only in a timely manner, but also with a hand-written birthday note inside. These guys actually make shopping on the internet personal. Great company and great people!"

Scott, Tempe AZ


This next Christmas, I wanted to do something different for my family and settled on making homemade Kahlua.  I saw fliptop bottles which could be reused and thought that was an excellent way to go.  

After searching for quite some time and coming up with some pretty expensive options, I found 750 ml amber Fliptop bottles here at Brew PS.  The price was great!  The service was the best I've ever had online and I'm a frequent online buyer.  I had to call their offices because my card wasn't going through.  I was treated with tremendous courtesy and friendliness as we tried to figure out what was wrong.  Turned out to be totally my fault -- I was using my shipping address instead of my mailing one.   The Brew PS Brothers are awesome -- neither one laughed at me when we figured it out and my order went through fine after that.
I got my bottles very, very quickly.  The packaging was professional and every glass bottle was in perfect condition.  I assembled the metal fliptops and made my batch of Kahlua.  These bottles are excellent for this!  They are dark, which I needed.  They are also a sturdy glass that won't be breaking easily.  The fliptop gives me a solid seal.  

Mary, Pahrump NV