Muntons produce a wide range of home beer, wine and cider making kits made from the finest ingredients designed to emulate classic styles from around the globe. Muntons also own a variety of well-known brands of beer kits offering alternative beers and brands for the homebrew retailer and consumer.

Ingredients » Yeast

We carry different brands of yeast, so you'll be able to find the right type for your chosen homebrew. We carry Wyeast, Danstar Yeasts and Safale Yeasts, all with different variations that will help you get your job done. We even carry the famous Pacman Yeast by Wyeast laboratories used and made famous by Rogue Ales.

Note: All Wyeast products are shipped with an ice pack along side it. This is included in our price, other online shops add a charge to ship with an ice pack.

Brewing Yeasts, Ale Yeat, Lager Yeast, Wheat Beer Yeast

Muntons Ale Yeast /
Muntons Ale Yeast
Part# YT-M-ALE
Muntons Premium Gold Yeast /
Muntons Premium Gold Yeast
Part# YT-M-Gold