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Brew PS is proud to partner and support local craft breweries.  If you are a local Brewery and would like to partner up with Brew PS, please send us an email from the contact us page.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping to support and promote your brewery!


Enegren Brewing Company  |  Moorpark, CA

Enegren Brewing Company started in the dorm rooms of Loyola Marymount University where Brew Captain Chris Enegren brewed his first batches with extract on a friend’s on-campus apartment stove. Chris quickly outgrew his stovetop setup and designed and built a 10-gallon all grain system that summer. At this point he had moved out of the dorms and into a house off campus where his younger brother Matt joined in brewing. As a side note this may be the first civilized meeting of the two brothers in the 18 years they had been around one another. They brewed together for a year with help from several friends before they had to move the brewery. Enter Brew Chief Joe Nascenzi. Joe and the Chris played on the LMU Lacrosse team together and when Joe heard that Chris was looking for a place to relocate the brewery, he gladly offered up his backyard and garage. Thus the three EBC crew were formed.

After graduation, the 10 gallon brewery was moved back to the Enegren family residence in Moorpark California where it got a complete overhaul to become an automated brewery. The goal then was create a brewery where we could repeat our batches with reasonable consistency in order to finalize recipes for the hopes of a commercial brewing future. Then one morning as the three of us were just finishing up an all night double brew, we realized that if we were going to be putting so much time and money into brewing, we might as well go for our commercial dreams.

We have now moved to a custom 3-barrel system designed yet again by Chris, to be built by the team at Premier Stainless in San Diego. This time we have moved on from garages and backyards and into an industrial warehouse in beautiful Moorpark California, where we will continue our passion for beer and we look forward to finally being able to share it with you.



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