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Beer Bottles & Growlers

Amber Flip Top Beer Bottles (750ml/25oz Growlers)

Amber Flip Top Beer Bottles (750ml/25oz Growlers)

750ml/25.36oz Empty Amber Flip Top Beer Bottle Growlers
aka Grolsch Bottles

A squat and sturdy bottle with a flip top closure. Holds 25.36 ounces and comes in traditional dark amber. These 750ml (25.36 oz.) growlers are great for home brewing, they because they're easily reusable. No need for capping when the cap is built into this easy flip top bottle design. 

(You will need roughly 2 cases - 24 750ml growlers for a 5 gallon batch of homebrew).

Quantity: Case of 12

Growler Size Comparison Picture


Large Orders and Quantity Discounts

Though we're a "small" home brew supply company, we can fulfill large orders. We can offer quantity discounts on orders of 20 cases or more, and can also offer better shipping rates than those that are calculated on our site. To inquire about large orders, feel free to contact us.


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